NAFTOGAZBURINNYA, LLC is a drilling company, founded in December 2016. The company’s head office is located in Kyiv. At the beginning of 2017 A ZJ 40 self-propelled drilling rig, manufactured by Tianjin Dong Fang Xian Ke Petroleum Co., was bought and imported into Ukraine. LTD (PRC), which is used in the construction and drilling of oil and gas wells up to 4,000 meters deep in oil and gas fields. The carrying capacity of the drilling rig is 225 tons, the drive is two diesel engines C18, Caterpillar.

Main technical characteristics of the ZJ40 mobile drill rig:

Conditional drilling depth (with tool 114 mm)– 4000 m
Maximum load on the hook– 225 tone
Power drill winch– 1000 hp
Tail rope diameter– 32 mm
Tailor System– 5х6
Diameter of the passage opening of the rotor table– 698,5 mm
Power drive MDR ZJ40– Cfterpillar C18
F800 drilling pumps– 2 pcs
TESCO Top Drive System 250 XHI 700– power 700HP
Circulation system– 220 m3
Drilling mud preparation unit– 60 m3
Drilling mud cleaning system– four-level
Auxiliary equipment– hydraulic winch 3t and 5t, overhead hydraulic keys for twisting
  drill and casing columns, pads for
  descent drill and casing columns.

Drilling rig is equipped with:

  • two F800 drill pumps with drives C27, capacity of 800 hp everyone;
  • the Volvo Penta diesel power station, with a capacity of 356 kW, which provides electricity drilling equipment and a residential watchdog for watch workers;
  • circulation system СЦ 170-1 consisting of:

a) unit of purification – 1 pc (base with a capacity of 40 m3 – 1 pc; vibrating screen LVS-5 – 2 pcs; sieve hydrocyclone unit HSCU-4 – 1 pc; pump electric centrifugal slurry unit NSHB 250-35,5T / 55 – 2 pcs; OGS 350U- 02 – 1 pc; pump pump centrifugal screw 1 pc; degasser vacuum Dv-1 – 1 pc; manifold vibrosito – 1 pc; tent cover – kit;
b) capacity tank – 1 pc (base with a capacity of 60 m3 – 1 pc; drill bit mixer PJR-7.5 – 3 pcs; tent cover – kit)
c) capacity tank – 1pc (base with a capacity of 60 m3 – 1 pc; drill bit mixer Pbr-7.5 – 3 pcs; block of preparation of BPBR-4 – 1 pc; unit electric pump centrifugal slurry NSCB 250-35,5T / 55 – 1 pc; mixer Hydraulic CG 150-2 – 1 pc);
d) capacity tank – 1 pc (base with a capacity of 60 m3 – 1 pc; drill bit mixer Pbr-7.5 – 3 pcs; degasser vacuum Dv-1 – 1 pc.)
e) storage tank – 1 pc (base with a capacity of 60 m 3 – 1 pc; drill bit mixer PJR-7.5 – 3 pcs).

In 2018 NAFTOGAZBURINNYA, LLC successfully drilled a gas condensate well №312 at a depth of 3322 m in the Lviv region, Samborsky region, Maynitskoye field.

In 2021, the company successfully completed work on drilling sidetrack of well No. 2 of the Yarmakivsky oil and gas condensate field in the interval 2160-2435m.

In the company of NAFTOGAZBURINNYA, LLC. there are experienced specialists in drilling oil and gas wells. A total of four staffed brigades. In addition, the company has its own construction and assembly unit to prepare the site for drilling, with the appropriate construction equipment. Thus, NAFTOGAZBURINNYA, LLC can perform drilling and turnkey construction projects with a depth of up to 4000 m.

Special equipment:

  • Kraz 65053 KS55712; lifting capacity 25 t.
  • Telescopic loader JCB 533-105; load-carrying capacity 3.3 t., maximum boom deviation of 10.22 m.
  • Excavator – loader JCB 4CX Sitemaster; Maximum excavation depth is 5.4 m., Maximum unloading height is 2.7 m., Front excavator bucket 1,3 m 3, Back excavator bucket 0,3 m3.